Norwood Legions Executive members & Staff

Norwood Legions executive members and staff are the great people behind the many programs we offer, often working in the background they ensure the Legion meets its community goals.

Wes Hyshka

As President, Wes is the representative of the branch to the Royal Canadian Legion as well as the public and within Norwood Branch.

As president he is the individual elected to be responsible for acting in the best interests of the Branch, its members, and its community.

George Dewindt
1st Vice President

As the 1st vice president, In the absence of the Branch president George receives all the rights and responsibilities of the Branches presidency until he is relived of this duty by the current president or a election conducted by the Branch membership elects a new president.

Kevin Watson
2nd Vice President

As the 2nd vice president, In the absence of a Branch president with seniority Kevin receives all the rights and responsibilities of the Branches presidency until he is relived of this duty by a serving president with seniority or a election conducted by the Branch membership elects a new president.

Ernie Fedak
Previous President

As the immediate previous president Ernie is a member of the executive committee and his opinion  receives the same respect as the other elected members of the committee when crafting branch policy.

Gilles Lapoinle
Sergeant At Arms

As sergeant at arms it is Gilles duty to stand at the door to endure only those entitled may attend the assembly and maintain order of those who attened.

Additionally he must advance, post and retire the Branch colors. He also must maintain the standards of flag protocol, duties, and parade.

Jackie Hyshka
Secretary (acting)

As acting secretary, Jackie along with the Branch president is responsible for preparing an agenda for the Executive and Member assemblies. The secretary is additionally responsible for preparing a schedule of motions that need additional discussion, have not to be acted upon, or have not previously been addressed.

Brent Plummer

As the Branch Treasurer, Brent is responsible for ensuring the Branch has true and accurate accounting of all funds and assets. This includes but is not limited to anything received or payed out by the branch, the Branches annual financial statement, or auditing its revenue as outlined in the by-laws.

The treasurer presents complete financial statements to the Executive and general member assemblies.

Larry Lundoff
Service Officer

As the Branches Service Officer, Larry Is responsible for the Branch programs that contact and support Veterans. The service officer additionally assists veterans in homes, hospitals, therapy, and other personal or vulnerable sectors.

The service officer attends service officer seminars; continuously educating themselves in order to fulfill this duty.

Jason Currell
Cadet Officer

As the Branches Cadet Officer, Jason is responsible for the programs the branch participates in with cadets, their officers, and the related community.

Additionally the branch cadet officer involves the cadets in Branch activities as well as activities provided by the Legion.

Jean Smith
Membership Chairwoman

As the Membership Chairwoman, Jean is responsible for processing membership renewals, transfers, and new membership applications.

Additionally they ensure all new members or transfers are approved by the committee at the general member assemblies.

Jackie Hyshka
Event Chairwoman

As the Event Chairwoman, Jackie is responsible for the planning and coordination of all functions which provide events or entertainment to branch members and guests.

Additionally the event chairwoman actively promotes, researches, and evaluates the success rate of events for presentation to the Executive.

Mike Sirman
Games Chairman

As the Games Chairman, Mike is responsible for the Branch level gaming or sporting events and assisting the area or district commanders as required for other events.

The Games Chairman is the contact between the Branch, its teams, and the District Commander.

Office Administrator

As office administrator, It is Jeans responsibility to support the Executive with the scheduling, communications, booking, and billing cycles of the branch.

Please contact Jean if you are looking to book a room, book equipment, order food, apply for membership, or wish to contact a executive member on a professional or community basis.

Lise Leclair
Facility Manager

As facility manager, Lise is responsible for the coordination of the general facility staff as well as for the preparation and execution of planned or booked events.

While available on location please first contact the office to confirm your status as a paying client or member.

Dwain Bengenon
Maintenance Supervisor

As maintenance supervisor, Dwain is responsible for the inspection as well as the maintenance of the Branches facility grounds and equipment, noting any extensive repairs that may be required.

All extensive repairs are then submitted to the Executive and general member assembly for evaluation and approval.

First name, Last name
Head chef

As the Branch Head Chef, ####### is a red seal chef trained for catering to large venues with a high level of professional standards.

For any custom food requests relating to events please first contact the office with the request for approval before the event date.