Information for Students

We are happy to provide students that use our facilities a number of free resources.

All students can use the Wifi, Boardroom and white board freely. Just call the main office to make sure nothing has been booked out for use. Norwood Legion is the perfect location to host study groups.

Additionally there may be opportunities for students who either are veterans or who are related to veterans.

A number of scholarships exist solely for the use of veterans and their family’s for the use of post-secondary education. Any opportunities we come across for applications will later be added to this page.

Youth & Parent information.

Norwood Legion is a proud member of the community and often holds events for those wishing to participate with the legion but are not yet 18 years of age.

Events such as poster contests for youth between the grades of 6 to 12 will be shown on the events page and calendar. If any parents have any ideas for events with Norwood Legion please contact the administration office.

Additionally we would like to let parents know that Norwood Legion is available for booking for a variety of events they might find useful, such as: Youth sports team events, Charity fundraisers, Community BBQ’s, and board game tournaments.

Any minors under the age of 18 in the facility must have a guardian or supervisor with them at all times.

Minors may not be in the canteen or Bar area after 7:30pm unless the facility has been specifically booked for use by a 3rd party which has informed our staff of the attendance of minors.

Norwood Legion adheres to the laws of Canada. Any person who wishes to be served alcohol MUST HAVE government issued ID. The Norwood Staff will require ID for anyone under the age of 30 years on the facility premises after 8:00pm.