Norwood Veterans

This page has been specifically left for the use of providing veterans information about Norwood Legions events, dates, and programs that will matter to them. Examples of the types of information you can expect to be shown on this page is listed below.

News relating to a veteran member such as: Engagements, Graduations, The birth of a child, Weddings, A lunch of a business, Retirement, or obituaries.

Information relating to the executive members such as: New executive members, Permanent changes to the executive schedule, Information to contact previous executives, or Newly created executive member positions.

Information provided by a veteran member that may be trying to: Create a new group, Create a sports team, Bring an existing veterans club into the Norwood,  or Launch a veteran specific event.

Information and links about norwood specific partners that only offer programs or discounts to Norwood  Legion members because of their specific community relationship.

This page only provides information specifically relating to Norwood Legion, Its members, and partners.

For all other additional 3rd party resources for veterans and their links please go to the ‘Additional links’ page. The resources specifically for veterans  will be clearly labeled there for your use.