Terms & Conditions



Inquiries on a room will not reserve the room. You must confirm your specified date with the front office at your earliest convenience to assure accommodations will be met. The Legion may relocate any booking to an alternate room depending on number of guests and custom set up to suit your needs.


­Deposit & Additional Charges­

To secure your booking a rental deposit is required.

The deposit is NON-REFUNDABLE. Fourteen days prior to your function, a further payment will be required. The Office will determine the amount based on the number of people, type of meal, etc. The Norwood Legion will apply additional labor charges for any function booked on a statutory holiday.




A confirmed number of guests will be required 48 hours in advance of your function. The minimum payment for the number of meals charged will be the number of guests confirmed in advance.

100 booked – 75 attended – billed for 100
100 booked – 125 attended – billed for 125

FULL PAYMENT for the function is to be made at the Office directly after the function, unless prior arrangements have been made with the Branch Administrator, No exceptions.

Any damages, thefts, tickets, fines or any other incurred expenses taken on by Norwood legion that are the result of a client, are said clients responsibility to cover. Any and all of these expenses can and will be charged to client after the issuance of the original invoice.


­Room Booking

Room booking rates are as listed on our webpage and as agreed by invoiced provided to the client prior to the date of the booking. Rates are subject to change without notice before the issuance of the invoice. Please see the billing terms above for more details.

The Legion accepts no responsibility for any items left behind after the function.

Additionally client events playing music with dancing are subject to a SOCAN fee of $59.17 plus GST. Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada.



Tablecloths and napkins are available in a wide variety of colors. Tablecloths will be billed at a cost of $4.25 each, and napkins will be $1.25 each.

Please note The Legion needs at least a two (2) week period prior to the event to have the linen brought in for your function. Damaged linen will be billed to you at full cost. The Bud vases, silk flowers, & candleholders are available upon request at no extra charge.

Our banquet tables are rectangular and can seat 4 to 10 people. The Head table consists of eight-foot rectangular tables and can be lengthened to suit your requirements. Tables and chairs must not be placed on the dance floors.


Coat Check­

The Ladies Auxiliary provides volunteers to work the coat check, for all functions. The booking party may make a donation or guests can pay $1.00 per coat. The Ladies Auxiliary donates money made from the coat check to organizations such as the Kipnes Center. The Legion does not permit coats into the banquet rooms for the safety of your guests as well as our employees. If damage is made to a coat that has not been checked, the Legion assumes no responsibility for damage done.


­Bar Service­

If your function requires a bar service there are two types available:

Host Bar – The host pays the bar tab at our posted prices, at the rate of our posted prices.

Cash Bar – Guests pay for their own drinks directly to the bartender at our posted prices.


Equipment rentals

Equipment rentals are available for clients with our rates posted on our website. In the event of damage or theft of the equipment the client is responsible compensating for the loss of said equipment and will be billed.

The cost of the bill for damaged or stolen equipment will either match the original cost paid by the legion for said equipment as shown by a receipt, or the cost of said equipment as listed by a major retailer allowed operate in Canada.


Additional unlisted services

Any additional services may be billed at a rate of $23.50 per hour for each staff member required for said service unless otherwise agreed upon and explicitly shown on a invoice previously issued by Norwood Legion.

After cleaning of the facility may be charged at the same rate the if the cleaning is not the result of a Norwood Legion provided service. A few examples would be the cleaning of wrapping confetti, mud, paint, silly string, marker or crayon marks.

The hourly rate listed applies to the executive members, general staff, the administration staff, the restaurant staff, the bar staff, or any other staff that is a part of Norwood Legion.



Please feel free to contact the Norwood Legions office with any questions, conserns, or plans you might have.

Some cases certain services, events, or bookings may need approval from the Norwood Legions executive members before they can be provided.